Thursday, February 11, 2010

well well well

I wanna write it down so I can remember it but than again I don't because that might just suck the happiness out of it like when you talk about something multiple times or listen to the same song over and over (I do that) So like whats happened today felt like I went through hell and back then flew up up up to heaven and now I'm in some level behind one of them doors in heaven where you don't feel a thing because you're filled with joy and nothing no matter how bad or crazy it is can ruin how you feel. In reality it feels like if like like like the world was to end this very second I would just smile and hold my mom. This week has been the craziest week of my life or I should say this month or well since 2010 has arrived in every good and bad way possible. I've been through the most dangerous war mentally. To get over that and feel this way is a blessing. It may not mean nothing to yalll but understand nothing was done for me and I don't plan on stopping at all. I WANT this Sh-t FOREVER man. So basically I'm calm, and truly settled even If life's stresses are around they don't seem to bother me right now. and again I will end with, get it? got it? prolly not? :-)

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