Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My mind is his venture.

Certain things I say may seem a certain way to you or mean a certain thing to you but trust me its not as simple as it reads. To each his thought process and to each his mind. Some more complex than others some more obsessive. What ever the matter may be "you think you understand, but you have no clue." I work as I work and as I work you don't work. I started off different. I got different people in my life with different vibes and different motives. Some more sane than others but I'm more drawn to the insane, because when I sit and try to sort out my thoughts I think twice on whether they are sane. The simplest thing could cause a war in some peoples mind. The one thing that you passed for years is now that battle field you're fighting on daily. You learn to cherish when that peace of mind comes around and that moment of silence. Not in reality but in your own little mind. The little things and tricks you got to take your mind there is the moments. You may be very much confused as of now but the ones who aren't can continue reading. It's like this. You go through certain experiences in your lifetime that change your train of thought and that alone depending on the level of pain or joy can shake up the mind. Once its shaking up we either choose to try and balance it back or let it out a certain way to restart some sort of way. Some people crossing your path at that time may see you as who you just are at that time just because its in people to judge and that can shake you up even more. The ones who have known you before certain situations will walk through with you and get that better part of you out and those are the few people anybody should keep around for a lifetime. (I don't know how to end this...) The end? lol

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