Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ride down memory lane.

Random kids selling slushies on the street by the beach. crusin

Family pool day, palm trees chillen, chips and dip and laughter. (Can't wait for you summer)

Mama's bday at the kissimmee lake front. BBQ with the whole fam with a side of birthday cake.

Lips, Hips, and Finger tips. Restylish 5th Fashion show at Lux. BTS

party party party they was all getting wasted. Halloween at Fallon sparrow's tattoo shop. The grand opening.

Restylish Clothings Fall Collection 2009 Fashion show. J.cole was getting ready to ht and the models were not ready, but of course no one knew. UMI!!!

Trip to Miami gets you thinking about becoming a beat maker. mpc!

Late night trip to wal-mart after the club. We all had on Restylish!

International night at the house of blues with cousins and little big bro.

Book store grabbing with my mom with a side of some store tryna make my mom a model. lol

There's wayyyy more to pictures then anyone will ever realize. They tell stories, they take you back to that time and place. You feel what you felt at that certain moment when you were taking that picture. All we have are pictures to look back at and if we didn't we really wouldn't remember much, well I know I wouldn't. lol

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