Friday, April 30, 2010


I guess you can call this part traffic

I mean I know, vaguely how to get there

And I’m in a car

Plus if someone asked me where I was

I’d say on the way


That doesn’t say where I am

I say that when I’m late

When I don’t wanna tell you that I just left

Just right now

Plus I still gotta stop for gas

But I figure if I tell you I’m half way between where I really am

And where I’m going,

then drive twice as fast

in theory I’m telling the truth

But here’s the punch line

I’m not even sure where I’m going

And every day

Feels like traffic

I wanna honk at you

In person

Face to face

Just yell out “honk”

really loud

Then switch lanes

And gun it

Never felt so redundant

This car has 300 hundred horses

But that doesn’t matter when you’re in park

And I really hope you don’t leave before I get there

I’ve gotta make a few stops before I get there

The first at growing up

And second at realizing, growing up isn’t a good enough excuse for being afraid to loving someone

I know you’re probably shaking your leg in frustration

How patient is too patient

How rude is someone who lies about how long it’ll take him to get somewhere


Stay in your lane


“go around”

Flip/ bird

Drop phone

Saw a cop

Pick the phone back up

It was only a taxi

I hope you don’t leave before I get there

Road work ahead

Expect delays

Search alternate rout

Love alternate

More responsible adult

This kid is on E

Please have patience

I’m in traffic

Why don’t I ever leave early enough

I shoulda been there before you

To give you a sense of assurance

I know you have doubts too

And its unfair that we always gotta address mine

I just hope I make it in time

I’m sure waiting for me to mature

Is frustrating

Especially when I pretend I already am

Blaming it on my art

Acting like I’m too busy

When the truth is

I’m too scared

I called you soft

But I meant you are tolerant

How do you love someone

Who isn’t sure he is in his final draft

You can see the spelling errors

The grammar in my deleted text messages before I pull up

I just hope you don’t leave before I get there

Before I become the woman I write as

So yea, I guess you can call this part…traffic

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