Thursday, May 6, 2010

Want to work for Restylish?


Well, before you answer, "Yes, of course." here are a few of the rules you'll have to abide by.

At Restylish you have the permission to
think differently
be different
be open minded
be receptive
think different
act different
be different

At Restylish you DO NOT have permission to
play cat noises through the intercom while
somebodies dogs in the building
be an intern for more than 16months
lick awards
leave the front door unlocked
run with scissors
boil cabbage in the kitchen
leave open tuna fish cans open in the garbage
go into the attic
go into the basement
make paper planes out of left over pattern cuts
talk with your mouth full
talk bad about basketball
give rope as a gift
have a cooler phone than Sara
smell your own hair
have a shoulder pet
run from the chickens
ding an idea
have a masters
say your cheeks hurt

Email me:

-Make sure you add what you'd like to bring for the team along side a picture.
(You must live in the Kissimmee or Orlando area and have your own transportation.)

Ps: I do it all myself now and I think the time is way overdue for me to build a winning team.


clothes cannot solve all of our
clients' problems

risk is good

daydreamers are the the enemies
of visionaries

teamwork is telling a story no
one could tell by themselves

leadership is visible-management
in invisible

we should fiercely loyal but not
blindly obedient

our work must make the line proud,
the consumers responsive and our
clients satisfied

good is the enemy of great

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