Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love the simple sh-t the little things that may take no effort. I love Good morning texts or even waking up to Good night texts. I love I'm thinking about you texts with a side of this song made me think about you and you send a line from the song that makes me smile because it takes me back to when we first heard that song together and how happy we were. I rather get surprised with tickets to a concert of someone I love yet you have no idea about like back in high school this one boy will took me to see john legend. As much as I love basketball and I've played all my high school years Ive never been to an NBA game. sad but true. I'd be happy with just watching Golden state. Kobe doesn't excite me anymore. I think you supporting what I do and what I love without me having to bring it up makes you awesome. Days like fashion show days where I'm stressing and I can't eat, sleep or think straight till the show is complete and Restylish walks down wonderfully, you being there that day tryna make me eat fruit or getting the music for the show ready would be great. I suck at direction, I get lost fast, so you bringing your gps in my car for help would be sweet or you just driving instead. Since I was in elementary school Ive been saying the boy who takes me to the zoo for our first date is the one that I will marry. No I don't wanna go see a movie or go out to dinner, I rather walk around the block. If you can put up with my mood swings you will learn to understand me some how "one day". Not simple, No one till this day has other than my brother tarik and my mother. You think you know but you have no idea. I don't want 75% of you. I will bring out the best in you whether you like it or not. When I TRULY love I love with all I have and nothing else. If you mean something to me I will remind you everyday. Pain I don't feel anymore, when it tries to come around I laugh at it. There's no ones Art I love more than my dad's. I feel as if I don't feel. Anxiety is a whore and panic is her boyfriend. The calm, The IDGAF, The not thinking state, is my happiness. My smile is my mom..........

to be continued