Friday, January 29, 2010

Spring 1 Lookbook 2010 (B,B,B,B Collection)

The "Big Booty Big Brain" Restylish T-shirt Collection is inspired by all you women with more ass than these video girls/models. Not to down grade them in any way but a big booty doesn't always have to end up in a magazine or a music video. We are intelligent with a booty and proud of it and don't give a damn what you think. All you may see is the ass but the power of our brain will make you lose control. The 5 minutes it take to put these jeans on because of the ass and go get this money in a fa$t hustler (legal and none slutty) way without looking back at any speed-bump. The studying all day and night going to school juggling 2 jobs and classes ass. The f-ck the club, f-ck the alcohol, get the money honeys. Stand up all day with your heels on at the office without taking em off and getting sh-t done. (STFU I wear heels bigger than your d-ck). Restylish turns heads in many ways than just one. Not that some of us need to drag more attention to us but this shirt does just that in a "One women Army" type way. Shirt will be available sooner then you think. ;)

"we like the girls who ain't on TV
Cause they got more (Ass than the models)" -ye

Love, Sara

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