Friday, January 29, 2010

Three Point Shootout

It seems like all the attention of All-Star Saturday Night goes to the Dunk Contest. That’s completely understandable, considering the other events they do or have done in the past like The Skills Challenge or 2Ball (remember that?). One event that always has the potential to be exciting is the Three Point Shootout. Who could forget that image of Larry Bird hitting that final shot and raising his arm in the ‘88 Three Point Shootout in Chicago.

This year’s field has not been announced yet, but will definitely include reigning champ, Daequan Cook. They will probably also include someone from the Mavs like Dirk Nowitzki or Jason Terry. Danilo Gallinari is also rumored to be scoring an invite.

What I like about the shootout is the fact that they don’t always pick guys based on just three-point percentages. Sometimes, they mix it up and pick atypical guys like Danny Granger and Antoine Walker. 2 guys I’d love to see compete in this year’s shootout.

1. Stephen Curry (Warriors): We’re are all used to seeing Curry light it up from behind the arc in college, but unless you have the League Pass or live in the Bay, you probably don’t get to see curry play on TV much nowadays. He might have the best strokes since Ray Allen and if he catches fire, he could probably score a 26 or 27 in this shootout. Curry wasn’t a McDonald’s All-American, so he never participated in their contest and he didn’t do the college one either. This would be the first time we would see the sharp-shooting rookie in a three point contest. He’s shooting 42.6 percent from downtown this season.

2. Kobe Bryant (Lakers): Not many people remember that Kobe was entered to be in the 2008 contest, but withdrew because of a pinky injury. Since he has similar injuries now, I doubt he’d compete even if he were invited. But who wouldn’t want to see Black Mamba in this event? He’s extremely competitive and never does anything half-assed. If he entered this competition, you better believe he’d be in it to win it. But with a 32.1 percent three point percentage this season, it’s doubtful he’d win it though.

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